Friday, July 20, 2012

I Love M

Woah! It's been two years ! haha ngayon ko lang naopen ulit tong account.. haha! dami pala akong blog para kay ..dati.. pero ngayon haha! laptrip nalang! naka move on nga ako sa dati.. pero ngayon di ako makatakas sa bago! sarap! malapit na rin kami maghiwalay ng landas. woah haha! Laptrip amp!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Last Letter kay .. na binigay ko..

Love comes when you least expect it, and you'll never know realized it already happened unheard heartbeats.. if listened too closely.. are louder than words..
It is not how long you stayed together that matters, but how much you loved each other.. even on the shortest time, you spent together..

How Did Our Relationship Bloomed??

Ever since before.. even if you are silent.. I know what is going on, your thoughts and what you really feel inside..
You used to wer the mask of being happy although I know that inside your in pain..
Even form the start, I have seen and loved you at your best, and I loved you even MORE at your worst..

It's a reality that some events don't go our way.. and I thought that it would be the end.
But, the space made us realize how much we need one another, we become each other's strength, when one seems like giving up,

we shared more moments together..
we love doing things together..
we go to different places..
for not so important reasons, we also have our petty fights,
but it won't last for a long time..
we tease each other and laugh at each other's jokes that only the two of us could understand..
we are both weird..
we are both vain..

we did not bloom into a hundred or thousands of flowers.. but, "into a million Blossoms".
we appreciate each other's worth..
and after all the odds that we've been through..

I know that whatever season or reason it would be..

we could count on each other's back..

you can still count on me.